Custom Made Hats and Fascinators

A hat or a headpiece is a beautiful finishing touch to your special occasion outfit. We have a selection in our beautiful bridal Boutique but can also commission custom made hats and fascinators to match when required.

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We can supply the fabrics and trims used in your bespoke design to your Miliners to ensure a perfect match. We can hand coloured or dye components to perfectly complement your look. Toning shades can make an interesting look or maybe you’d prefer a bright pop of clashing colour to bring your look to life and to make a bold statement of your personal and unique style.

We will help you select a piece that complements your look and that works well with your proportions to flatter you and create the perfect impression of elegance. Our Miliners are highly skilled as well as being creative and the finished peice will also be comfortable and elegant for you to wear throughout the length of your celebrations.


A headpiece from the 1920’s or 30’s worn low on the forehead is a trend we’re seeing a lot of but all our styles can be worn in a variety of ways. A good hairdresser will always find a way of invisibly securing them so they are comfortable and fuss free no matter how long you want to stay at your party.

Headpieces come in a huge variety of styles and are inspired by the very best of past fashions as well as more contemporary influences. Jewelled pieces with crystals and faux precious stones can add sparkle and shine to your outfit. Pearls are always a popular choice and are softly pretty for wearers of all ages. Ribbons and silks flowers are a romantic and feminine addition and can look beautiful as decoration on a circlets or tiaras.

Whether your inspiration is vintage and draws details from a historical piece, or more contemporary reflecting the very latest fashions custom made hats and fascinators offer the perfect finishing touch.

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