Wedding Veils

We have an amazing range of beautiful Bridal Accessories including Wedding Veils. A veil can be a small and delicate addition or can be used to add a dramatic focus to your outfit. It’s a simple but very effective way to add a modest and traditional touch to a religious ceremony, but it’s also a fun way to change your look for a transition from day to evening.

We have a wide selection of styles of Wedding Veils in different weights of voile and tulle. The choice of edging and embellishments is limited by only your own imagination. Embroidery is a traditional and beautiful look but veils can also be scattered with Swarovski crystals, crystals, beads, feathers, sequins and pearls. Flower trimmings make a softly romantic look but we also have a wide range of lace edgings including luxurious French Valenciennes or Parisian lace, or Italian lace.

Wedding Veil lengths were traditionally dictated by the Wedding venue but now the only consideration needs to be your own personal style. Whether you want a short shoulder length veil, a waist or hip length or you want the drama of floor length or even Chapel or Cathedral length we have a beautiful selection.

Veils can be made in any size and with any edging or embellishment you choose. Click here for more information and to see how to order.

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