Design your Dream Dress

Bringing the Dream to Life - Vanessa Sketch1

Design Sketch – front

Lots of us grow up with an image of our ‘Dream Dress’ in our mind. It might change and evolve over the years but the one thing that remains constant is that it must be PERFECT.

When Prince Charming has finally arrived and the big day is approaching the search begins, but you’ll probably come to the eventual (correct) conclusion that the only way to get the perfect dress is to have it designed especially for you. This can seem daunting, and few of us are lucky enough to wear Couture clothes every single day, but it’s achievable, and probably more affordable than you might think.

So how does the process work?

Bringing the Dream to Life - Vanessa Sketch2

Design Sketch – Back View

Bringing the Dream to Life - Vanessa Pic1

Vanessa in her finished dress with her, with her very handsome Groom.

All you need to bring to your first appointment is the idea of the dress. It can be in your head, on your phone, in a scrapbook, torn out of magazines or you can draw it yourself. It really doesn’t matter, just bring the idea and we’ll work together.

We’ll have a chat, and I’ll listen to your ideas and go through any inspirations you bring with you. I’ll draw up a preliminary design drawing for you, and we can talk through some fabric options. The right fabric is vital depending on whether you want the dress to skim your figure, to flow over your curves or to float around you. The choice is huge but don’t worry, I’ll guide you through it all.

At the end of the appointment I’ll be able to give you an approximate quote for your finished dress. If you decide to proceed we’ll take a 50% deposit, and then I’ll get to work!

Working from the preliminary sketch and my notes I’ll draw a completely unique detailed drawing of your dress from the front and back. I’ll draw the different options we discussed and then make any final adjustments to the design that you need until it’s perfect, and you’re perfectly happy.

The pictures you can see on this page show the dress that Vanessa dreamed of wearing – first on paper in the Design Sketches I made and then the beautiful reality of the finished dress we made for her.

Bringing the Dream to Life - Vanessa Montage

More pictures of the finished dress. The close up of the centre front detail shows the silver bugle beads, crystals and diamante stones that Vanessa chose to embellish the bodice and the straps. These are all individually sewn on by hand, a highly skilled and time consuming job.







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