Florentyna Dawn

Larger Sizes

Maria Morris, formerly head Designer at Florentyna Dawn, now has her own Collection. Her beautiful Cheshire Studio welcomes Clients of all sizes. 

All of our designs are available in ANY size. If you cant find something you like amongst our samples we’re more than happy to tweak the design details – or to create you something completely unique. The prices are broadly similar whichever path you choose and the finished result will be perfectly fitting for your size and proportions.

Whether you are looking for something glamorous for a special occasion, or a tailored suit for your professional career we can help. 

Florentyna Dawn

Beautiful style doesn’t finish whether the standard size chart stops. Some shops, such as the now closed Florentyna Dawn in Stockport were famous for having a size chart that went to a UK size 50 but we refuse to be limited. We dont have a size chart as we create a brand new pattern for each Client to ensure a good and proportionate fit for every figure. 

Your measurements will be carefully translated to give a perfect and proportionate fit. Too many designers have a basic ‘block’ pattern which they indiscriminately grade up resulting in poorly fitting necklines and armholes. Other problems like an uneven hem can also impact the design meaning the focus is on the poor fit instead of the woman within.

Marias years of experience in dressing womens bodies ensures these problems never happen. Once your measurements have been made into professional card dress pattern a ‘Toile’ or trial version will be made of your design. This Toile (sometimes known as a Calico) will then be fitted to your body. You’ll get to see your finished design starting to take shape and it will enable us to make any changes that you require. The fit will be perfected, and we’ll ensure that the changes flatter you and that you are completely comfortable.

We then proceed to make your design in your chosen fabric. Your look will come to life.

The result will look amazing and leave you feeling beautiful, and completely confident.

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