Mother of the Bride Jumpsuit

A Jumpsuit makes a confident and contemporary choice for a modern Mother of the Bride or Groom. They make a great alternative to dresses or skirts and can look every bit as stylish and elegant. A special occasion like your child’s wedding should allow you to showcase your personal style and if this is yours you need a design that fits perfectly. 

There’s an important point to note here though and it’s one that no one else seems to want to address. If you think finding the perfect fitting jeans is hard, finding a Jumpsuit is even harder.

If you’re ever going to want something to be made to measure then THIS is that something.
Every single measurement on a Jumpsuit is critical for achieving a smooth line and a comfortable yet elegant fit. Any pulling or creasing is going to show. 
We’ll work with you to tailor every single detail of your Mother of the Bride Jumpsuit design to your exact preference. We’ll then guide you through the extensive choice of fabrics we source from all over the world and hand embellish it. The finished look will be brought beautifully to life, entirely in-house in our own workrooms in Cheshire.

Completely unique – just like you!
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Perfect Fit

When you commission us to create you a Mother of the Bride Jumpsuit we’ll measure you every which way. Years of experience in cutting trousers, pants and jumpsuits to fit, and more importantly flatter, real women and real bodies go into every creation. Body length, bust size, shoulder width and more are all essential considerations to achieving a perfect fit. None of this is possible when buying off the peg, and why go to the trouble of having expensive alterations done when you can just have it made PERFECTLY in the first place?

The following are just a small selection from our current collection showing designs for a Mother of the Bride Jumpsuit. Please dont feel that your choice is limited to those shown here though. Every single design we produce can be adapted to your preference, and all of our looks can be changed to work as trousers, tops or jumpsuits.

 Mother of the Bride Jumpsuit

All of the designs shown on our website can be adapted to be a jumpsuit. We design and create everything ourselves in our in-house workrooms and offer a choice that simply cant be matched by off the peg boutiques. Just let us know what you want, and we’ll make it happen.

Using traditional couture standards we will create a unique pattern and then a toile (or trial version) of your design. We then fit the toile to you to check the details of the style and to enable Maria to ensure the fit is perfect in every way. The final garment is then constructed from the incredible range of beautiful fabrics, laces and trims that have been carefully selected from the finest fabric houses in the world. An entire rainbow of colours is available to ensure that your perfect shade can be chosen.


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