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Beauty is only skin deep

Maria Morris Couture-37Hello

I thought I’d share a minor obsession of mine – a well made dress should look good on the inside, as well as the outside!

In the case of Couture clothes, beauty has to be a lot more than skin deep. It has to be built into every single stitch. The reasons are quite simple – it wont wear well if it’s not constructed properly. A poorly made dress might look great on the hanger, and it might be ok when you first try it on, but you want to be looking as good at the end of your special occasion as you do at the start. Nothing should itch or rub, and the dress or it’s lining shouldn’t twist when you wear it. The bones shouldn’t poke through, or feel like they’re just about to.

For your most special occasions it’s vital that you get to relax and have fun while you look fabulous. That means knowing that your dress has been constructed properly so look under the surface, and make sure that beauty isnt only skin deep…

If you click on these images of our Kitty Dress you should be able to zoom right in, but if you want to see the quality first hand do please come to see us.

Love Maria xx

Maria Morris Couture-40

Zoe door sml


Random Loveliness..!


The Random Quote ‘thingie’ (Technical term there…) is now working on the website. We’ve had so many lovely compliments from our Clients and now every time you log into the site you’ll get to read a few of them. They’re on the Home Page, and also the Real Clients Page.

If yours is missing and you’d like it added just let me know!

Thank you all for the lovely things you’ve said. It gives me an amazing warm feeling whenever I read them and I feel incredibly lucky to have been part of so many happy occasions.

And, as this post is all about randomness I thought I’d share some random pictures. These are a few behind the scenes pictures from some previous Photoshoots.

Hope you enjoy them.

Love Maria xx








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