Couture Process

Initial Consultation

This is our chance to learn all about your special event and the look you want to achieve.  We’ll discuss your wishes and expectations and also any fitting problems you’ve experienced in the past. 

You’re welcome to look at and try our current range of sample styles to see how the colours and silhouettes work for you. We can then look at design variations, fabrics and colours to see all the possibilities and to start to focus in on what really works for you. We’ll develop your vision into a working sketch, and then help you choose fabrics and trims to bring it perfectly to life.

First Appointment

We’ll take a full set of body measurements. This can also be done during the initial consultation.

Second Appointment

We will have used your body measurements to create a personalised pattern and to create a  Toile which is a draft or trial version of your design for you to try. At this appointment we will fit the Toile to you and discuss the finer details of the design. We will ensure you are completely happy with the style and will perfect the fit. Adjustments to the design can still be made at this stage if required.

Third Appointment – First Fit

Your design will be completed and brought beautifully to life in your chosen fabrics. We will again check the fit and and ensure it is perfect for you. At this stage your garment wont be lined and wont yet have it’s detailed finishes applied. We’ll discuss all the the options for finishing touches to make your design unique and entirely personal to you. 

Fourth Appointment

Your finished design will be complete and ready to take away. We always time this appointment to ensure that we can do a further fit if alterations are required – particularly on Wedding Gowns and styles with a large amount of detailed hand finishing.


We are very proud that our Couture Process gives you total involvement, ensuring the final design not only fits you perfectly but also reflects your personality and style. From conception of the design to the finished garment we work with you at every step. We understand the need to look and feel beautiful on your most special occasions and we will ensure that the process is enjoyable and stress free, and the result is perfect.

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