All Brides are special, but if you’re not looking for a traditional wedding dress the choice is minimal. You dont have to just have an evening gown, or a formal suit… As a mature bride, the choice is yours.

Grown Up Glamour

It’s a chance to dress a woman who knows what suits her. Someone may or may not follow fashion but who absolutely knows what works for her. Picking all the best bits and discarding the rest. You might want to cover up, or you might not! It’s all up to you. 


Style is absolutely nothing to do with age. It shouldn’t matter whether you decided to keep your Prince Charming waiting for a few years, or if its second, third or fourth time around – Weddings are the most special day of your life, and you deserve nothing but the very best.

Whether you choose one of my sample dresses and we change some details to make it perfect for you, or we create a brand new Bespoke design, the end result will be the dress of your dreams. Beautifully showing off all your best features and cleverly concealing anything else, you’ll look your very best.


It’s vital that you feel good as well as look good, so if you’re not the kind of woman who ever wears a dress then maybe you shouldn’t wear one on your Wedding Day either?

Being a mature Bride definitely means that the decision is yours, so if you know you’d feel more comfortable and confident in trousers then that’s exactly what you should have.

Pure silk crepe trousers make a gorgeous and flattering alternative. Perfectly tailored to fit and lined to prevent creasing they can make a stunning contemporary look for your celebrations. Paired with a camisole or bustier with a gorgeous lace jacket the finished look is feminine and stylish and guaranteed to make you the centre of attention.


If you want white, or a shade of ivory then you should absolutely have it but there are lots of gorgeous alternatives. We have an amazing choice of fabrics in a million different shades so a richer cream, or a delicate shade of blush might be a more flattering choice.

How about a gorgeous metallic silver or soft gold? Pastel shades are popular too and can look stunning.

The Perfect Choice

Do please take a look through my Client Galleries to see what all my other Brides chose to wear. If you’ve always wanted a red silk velvet dress then maybe this is your chance? Lets make that dream come true.

Whatever you want we can create it – a unique design, made perfectly to measure, just for you.

Love Maria xx