Mother of the Bride Hats

A hat or a headpiece is the perfect finishing touch to your special occasion outfit.

We have a beautiful selection in our Studio for you to try. Our stock changes regularly to reflect changing fashions and seasons and we always ensure we have a selection of gorgeous options for you to choose from. Whether you choose a hat, a fascinator, or the modern hybrid of the two known as a ‘hatinator’ we can help.

Choosing what works

We will help you select a piece that works well with your proportions so the finished result is flattering and elegant as well as comfortable to wear. We realise that sometimes an occasion where a hat is required can be slightly daunting but we promise to give you honest feedback about what works best for you.

When chosing a hat toning shades can make an elegant and flattering choice. If you’d prefer a bright pop of contrasting colour it can bring your look to life and to make a bold statement of your personal and unique style.

Customised hats

We also offer you the chance to have your hat trimmed to match your chosen look. Marias talent for design includes millinery and we can ensure your hat is also an original creation. By selecting details from your design and then delicately hand sewing we can customise your look – and as we use exactly the same fabrics and trims as we use in your clothing design you can be assured of an absolutely perfect match.

Bespoke hats

In addition to the stock of hats and fascinators we carry we can also commission you a completely bespoke piece. We work with highly skilled Milliners who can design and create you a unique hat or fascinator. The fabrics and components can be hand coloured or dyed to ensure a perfect match.

If you’d like to make an appointment to view our current selection, click here