Made to Measure Plus Size Designs

Did you come to this page expecting to a see a limited range of styles? Did you think you’d see all these gorgeous clothes and then I’d select just a few designs to make in larger sizes and tell you to choose from just from them? That’s not how we work.

Freedom of choice

Absolutely ALL of our exclusive designs are available to you in any size.

I’ve never believed in telling women what to wear. I just want to make the clothes that reflect your personal style, the ones that fit you perfectly and make you happy every time you put them on – and that means giving you the widest choice possible.

Fashion should be fun, and buying clothes and investing in yourself should be a pleasure that’s not limited by someone else’s rules of what is age or size appropriate. Look through the beautiful clothes on the site and then let your imagination go wild. All of the designs you see here on the site can be made from any fabric, in any colour and in your size.

Beautiful possibilities

If you like a design but want it tweaked to suit you better then just ask. A longer sleeve, a shorter hem, a different neckline – it’s all possible and I’d be delighted to work with you to make the changes that you want. If you want to start at the very beginning though and have an outfit designed especially for you then we can do that too.

My years of experience in pattern cutting and tailoring ensures that all the all of the usual problems that plus size women experience have been eliminated. The shoulders fit properly, the armhole will be comfortable, the bust point will be in the right place, the hem will be level – and that’s just the start. Most importantly, you’ll look and feel your very best.

Made to measure plus size fashion has never before had so many beautiful possibilities. I promise the you the overall effect will be feminine, flattering and fit you like a dream, so what are you waiting for? The choice is all yours!

Love Maria xx

If you’d like to book in for a Consultation to discuss your made to measure plus size design – click here.